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Roadmap to Success

Roadmap to Success

Hummingbird Wealth Management recognizes that your needs change over time. We have developed service offerings to meet those changing needs. No matter what your stage in life, we are here to help you create your roadmap to success.

Your Financial Journey May Include:

Young and Single

Young and Single

o Beginning a new career

o Need help with budgeting

o Moving out on your own

o Want to have enough money to do the things you enjoy but still be able to save

Getting Started

Getting Started

o Getting married

o Starting new career

o Starting your own business

o Saving for first home

o Purchasing a new car

Life With Young Children

Life With Young Children

o College Planning

o Family Expenses

o Protecting Family from loss of income

Services Will Include:

• In Depth Needs Assessment Planning Session

• Goal Planning (college savings, vacation, home purchase, retirement)

• Budget Guidance

• Debt Reduction Planning

• Savings and Investment Planning

• Risk Assessment

• Estate Planning Assessment

• Active Retirement Plan Allocation Recommendations

• Quarterly Plan and Goals Review

• Ongoing Access to Advisor

• Client Portal with Account Aggregation

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